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After working in the world of software manufacturers and installers we saw that there was a disconnect between the installers and the customers who needed a turnkey solution.

Installers’ business model isn’t set up to be IT solutions providers or Video Management Software experts, while growing companies have enterprise needs but constrained budgets and limited manpower to roll out extensive security solutions.

You want to write the check and know it’s going to get done so you can focus on the important things in the business, not the (formally) necessary busywork.

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That’s why Paralain is a cloud managed IT company that specializes in Physical Security as a Service (PSaaS) deploying innovative turnkey solutions throughout North America.

Paralain acts as a project management umbrella over the entire security solution purchasing and implementation experience.

We provide an end to end solution from the software commissioning to equipment installation, data infrastructure management and training and service needs for the entire life-cycle of the systems.

We’re committed to giving you your time back along with your peace of mind over the entire process so your security systems work for you to give you the results you need.

Privately Held

Headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia

A proud Veteran-owned company

Nationwide Coverage

24x7x365 Project Management & Customer Support

On-Site Service & Support in as little as 4-hours

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We build your security system to work easily and effectively in every situation and user level. Whether it’s accessing video surveillance or interacting with their physical security, being managed by a systems administrator or accessed by an end user.

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Cost Effective

You need an enterprise-level turnkey solution that covers all physical security needs, but your budget doesn’t have endless commas.

We’ll give you a breakthrough and not break the bank.

All with personalized service, competitive rates and the highest levels of customer satisfaction and communication.

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Reliability in systems performance - we never miss a minute of video, when a keycard hits the reader, it lets you in. Building life-safety-systems and controls working as you want them to. We know there are few things more frustrating than having a system not work like it should. That’s why we focus on simple, secure and scalable solutions, that can be maanged anywhere, at any time.

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